When you need a little push

Hey all from San Diego,

It’s your Home Loan Amigo Eric!

Imagine you are standing at the top of the largest hill your little ten year old eyes have ever seen. The ivory white snow is pouring down all around you, silently building up on the shoulders of your overly puffy snow coat. Your favorite sled is in hand and the wind is howling through the valley below. Your heart is about to pound through your chest. “I’ve never sledded down a hill this large…” you think to yourself. “What if I can’t stop and go right into the trees?” As you contemplate what is surely the most important event of your childhood,  you feel a sharp shove from behind “Quit being a baby and GOOOOoooo” you collapse onto the sled and your Jerk of a brothers echoing voice disappears into nothingness as tears of joy stream down your frozen red face.

This is something so common I would imagine all of us have experienced it in some way or another. Being afraid of something new, something unknown and then someone close comes along and gives you a PUSH , it could be a little push but its a knowing push. It’s a push form someone that sees the situation from outside, a push from someone that knows if you just get on the sled you will make it to the bottom of the hill perfectly fine.

Some times you’re the one that needs a push from a loved one, to leave a job that is toxic, or to go look for a job when you feel defeated after weeks of no work. What ever the reason, sometimes we all need a little push. I’ve received my fair share of helpful PUSHES in my life and I do my best to give them back when I see the chance to nudge a friend in a helpful direction.

That’s what I’m here for all of you as well , if you’ve been having questions about how to handle your home loan, am I  qualified? What paperwork will I need ahead of time? Does it even make financial sense? Please feel free to call or email me and I will answer any of your Home Loan questions with honesty and integrity, and maybe even give you the small push you needed to better your life.


Your Home Loan Amigo

Eric Jurotich

NMLS# 208442


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