Loan Estimate Explained Part 1 (Loan Terms)

  Top Section: This is the general information of your loan. It is best to thoroughly look over this to make sure that everything is correct. If anything is incorrect, the earlier you fix it, the easier it will be to fix it. Make sure your loan type is right, there are major differences between […]

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When you need a little push

Hey all from San Diego, It’s your Home Loan Amigo Eric! Imagine you are standing at the top of the largest hill your little ten year old eyes have ever seen. The ivory white snow is pouring down all around you, silently building up on the shoulders of your overly puffy snow coat. Your favorite sled is […]

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The Feds Interest Rate Hike and why its good news for you

  Hello from beautiful San Diego! After months of wondering what the Feds were going to do with interest rates we have finally received our answer. There has been a lot of back and forth, hinting at a possible interest rate hike. Brexit probably put the brakes on it happening earlier than it has. Then […]

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